About the Artist

watercolor painting supply still life
Pictured here are a few of my favorite art supplies. The small palette and watercolor blocks are ideal for plein aire painting. I’ve had the Raphael #22 squirrel brush since the early 1980s. Those squirrels are hard to catch.
Photo of the painting. The Goddess Brigid, who became Saint Bridget, for a lay minister at my church. Reflective coating (Interference paint) on the face and hair photograph poorly
Giclee Print of The Goddess Brigid. Although the reflective colors are now flat, It’s hard to tell this print apart from the original painting.

My watercolor art is intended to evoke a memory, a mystery, or a moment. Mostly I use watercolor because it is simple to use, but difficult to master. Often watercolor seems to have a mind of its own, and that’s alternately frustrating and gratifying.

l use professional-grade watercolors and acid-free, archival quality papers to assure the work will last well beyond my lifetime. Thus insuring the future value of the work for collectors.

Painting watercolors since 1979

I started selling my art forty years ago, painting portraits of passersby on La Rambla in Barcelona when I was about 20 years old. Early in my career, most of my commissioned work was illustration.

After graduating from college with an English degree I became a copywriter. That career taught me how to listen very carefully to my clients, interpret their message, and conceptualize an idea. It also taught me how to edit, which is a difficult skill when everything I see interests me.

Limited Edition Prints

I make “Giclee” prints on Hahnemuhl etching paper using a 24-color Cruse to match the colors exactly. Printed in a limited run, each print is numbered and signed by hand. The image is matched digitally to the true colors of the original so closely that I myself have trouble telling the difference between the original and the print.

Creating a Portrait

How the personalized painting process works:

I prefer spending time with my subjects. A live portrait is well, more lively.  However, if there’s no way to sit face to face, I will discuss the portrait with you by phone or a face chat.

Often I combine elements, referring to different photos to make a story.  One client commissioned a portrait of his son and daughter-in-law on their wedding day.  It turns out that they married in Paris in view of the Eiffel Tower, and had initially met on the Great Wall of China.  So I added those monuments into the background. Other clients have wanted me to paint their home, and I have been able to remove trees and highlight the features they love, for a lot less than a building contractor would cost!

Sure, I can do your painting from a photo.  However, nothing can match a live sitting. This involves me going to your location and doing some sketches in person (it takes about an hour or two). I then make a small study. If you’re happy with the study, you may purchase it. Or, if you want a larger picture, I would then get your approval to make the larger final artwork.

What my art patrons say

Thorny Duck’s Nest

“Susan’s beautiful painting of a mallard’s nest is greatly admired by family and friends. We are thrilled with the print, as it captures the essence of the photograph I took, while emphasizing certain details.”
Lori V.
Owner, Opening In

UUCCH After the Storm

“Beautifully rendered, Susan’s watercolor of our church in fall comes alive with vibrant pure colors. This architectural portrait symbolizes the warmth and liveliness of our church community.”
Peg W.
Marlton, NJ

Pink Rose

“Irene loves her pink rose picture. She has hung it by the front door. It cheers her every time she has to head out to a doctor’s appointment.”
Karen L.
Collingswood, NJ

The Goddess Brigid

“The painting of the Goddess Brigid coincidentally resembles my mother, which makes this sacred portrait all the more meaningful for me.”
Kate S.
Lay Minister

The Old Cherry Tree

“The old cherry tree painting evokes the delicacy and strength of this symbol of our church and of our lives. It is a meaningful reminder of the beauty of our wedding at the church and a beautiful addition to our home.”
Jenny S
Marlton, NJ